Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I have been gone for a LONG time! I can't believe I haven't posted since May! However, that's going to change, I know I've said it before, but I really wished that I posted some things throughout the year about Hudson and things that went on in our lives.
2009 brought a lot of hard times for us, but some AWESOME times as well!

Hudson's 1st birthday!

July 19, 2008

July 19, 2009

Todd and I got married!!

August 15, 2009

and Hudson's walking too!!! YAY!

Todd and I both have jobs now! I work at David's Bridal, as a Wedding Consultant, and Todd works at a warehouse for Toyota; right now he is a temp, so hopefully he'll be hired on soon as full-time! Cross your fingers for us!

I have photographed a couple sessions, and two weddings! Check out my blog at I also may have a couple weddings already booked for 2010! I'm so excited!!

I'm ready for 2010, I'm ready for it to be a GREAT year for our family. I will be back(hopefully tomorrow! ) for a list of top 10 things I want to accomplish in 2010!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Videos!!

Hudson playing with his hot wheel! (don't mind the Spongebob sheet, we don't have curtains to see the TV!)

Hudson pushing his toy!

Mother's Day 2009

Well for my first "offical" mother's day, I got flowers and my new James Patterson Book, "The 8th Confession." I'm so excited, I love this series, but I'm holding off reading it until vacation! Reading on the beach, just sounds awesome!! But we had a cookout over at Dawn's house and we played a couple cornhole tournaments, I think Mom and Adam won the first one, and Adam and ____ Aunt Cathy? won the second one, but the beat out Grandpa! How dare they! It was a lot of fun, especially seeing my 81 year old Grandpa and my Grandma's out there playing cornhole! But it was a fun day, can't wait for all the rest of the mother's days to come!! I love being a mommy!!! It's the best thing in the world!! =) But here are some pictures from the day!

My book and flowers!

Todd (he looks weird!) Huddie and I!

Huddie and I!

Alli, Drew, Mawmaw, and Hudson

Hudson and his best friend Lucy the bulldog!

Mawmaw and Hudson!

Papa and his boys!

Hudson and Papa!

Dawn, mom, and I!

Dawn, Boogie, Mom, and me!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I REALLY failed this time!

Well, I guess you can say I failed my goal! I just have been so busy with taking pictures and editing them I haven't had a chance to get on here and post, and I don't like to post without pictures! Plus my computer has been soooo slow and I've tried to update the pics and my internet keeps shutting down! But I got some up! So I think I'm going to re-work my goal into not EVERY day, but at least 3 times a week! I'll start with that and see where we go! Sometimes I just don't know what I should post or not.......It's not all that exciting around here! lol So hopefully I can at least post some pictures a couple times a week. (which I know most people are just looking for the pics, then me typing......because ya'll know I'm not the best "writer" in the world!) So anyway! I hope you enjoy these pics! I sure did!!! =)

Hudson really wanted this toy, he was getting something out of his toy box and then he saw the block on the floor, well he decided he needed to go OVER the toy box to get to it!

He's getting it!!!
Daddy had to help him off! (but I had to take a picture, because it's freaking hilarious!! lol)

Hudson is trying to learn how to walk with a walking toy......he's uh standing well on it!

Then he just pushes it and doesn't step forward! LOL it's quite funny!
Hudson and Crys

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry I'm at mawmaw and papa's!

Sorry I didn't post, or well mommy didn't! We're staying the night at mawmaw's and papa's because mommy didn't feel like driving home! We stayed too long, but she was working so I guess it was okay! Well I'm tired, So good night! I'll have mommy post some pictures tomorrow of me eating pancakes for the first time! They were really good! I had 4 mini pancakes......and I gave Lucy and Tipsy some to eat, but don't tell Mommy, she just thought I missed my mouth, but I was really giving it to the doggies!

Love ya,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I can do it myself!

I told Mommy that I can feed myself! I kept taking the spoon from her, so she got another one, well I took that one, and then she got another one, and then I took that one! And then she was done, so she said I could do it myself! I'm such a big boy! YUMMMY!!


Hudson 9 month appointment!

Sorry late again! (in my defense I still haven't gone to bed yet! LOL)

Well Huddie had his 9 month appointment this morning, at 10:15. Well he deicdes to wake up at 8:15am, so he was up way past his nap time before we get to the doctor. But he did good as usual when we got there! They didn't take us back until 10:45 though! Ugh it sucks to wait so much, but oh well...., but we finally got back to the room, and got him undressed and weighed.

His stats are as followed:

Head 18 inches- 50th %
Weight- 22lbs 13 oz -75%
Height-31inches-off the charts! LOL tall boy!

Well the doc said we don't have to do baby food anymore he can have whatever we are having except:
eggs, nuts, honey, fresh seafood, and milk. So I think he'll have quite a bit of stuff that he can eat now, but he still has to have formula. But we still have some baby food left so we're going to finish that off, and then go from there! Baby food is expensive!!! EEKS!

He got a new book at the doctor too! It's a book of things around the house!

Well we get back to the room, and the doc comes in and checks him out while he's playing with the beads on the wires on the wooden block(make sense?) he LOVED that thing! Well comes to find out Hudson has a double ear infection!!! He was acting a little upset, but i thought it was more due to being tired, but his ear was really bothering him tonight especially while he was eating! My poor baby boy!! But he was playing and all that afterwards, so hopefully this medicine will kick in soon!

I promise I'll post pics tomorrow! =) Sorry!!


Crys & Hudson